Drain Lining Tower Hamlets

Incorporating:     E1 – E2 – E3 – E14

Not all defective drainage would necessarily require excavation or replacement.

The No Dig technology now available to drainage contractors means that any drainage ranging in size from 100mm through to 300mm can be re-lined at a fraction of the cost of conventional excavation.

Fullbore Drain Services are specialists when it comes to installing soft felt drain liners. All of our service engineers have been fully certified by the NADC ( National Association of Drainage Contractors )

Using resins which cure in a matter of hours, we can re-line a drain within a short period of time ( usually all completed within one day )

The liner is robust enough to withstand all common day practices when used and will in fact strengthen the original pipe work.

If a drain is left with defects then the final stage of events may lead to a collapse to the system due to continued water loss which will in time undermine the supporting substrate soil.

Since 1988 Fullbore Drain Services have been installing drain liners throughout the Greater London Area and to date have probably installed more than one mile within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets alone.

We have worked throughout the borough including in areas such as:

 Bow – Mile End – Stepney – Bethnal Green – Cambridge Heath – Whitechapel - Aldgate

Installing a drain liner is far cheaper than you may think and will guarantee to prolong the life of any pipe for a minimum of 50 years.

Feel free to contact us at any time for a guaranteed fixed quotation.

Once your new drain liner has been installed you need never worry about leaking drains again.

No job is ever to big or small for us to handle.

An effective solution to prolong & extend the life of any Drain – Sewer or Pipe

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